Advent Offering 2017

God has graciously provided a generous new matching gift of $10,000 for developing the Reformed Episcopal Church overseas. By raising the additional $10,000 needed to match this gift, we will be able to give $20,000 to be used as follows:

  • $5,000 for Cuba hurricane relief
  • $10,000 for Cuba development:
    • $5,500 Diocesan Ministry Center in Florida, Cuba
    • $2,000 San Lucas Church addition in Venezuela, Cuba
    • $2,500 REC training for clergy
  • $5,000 to support Berlin church plant

Read Presiding Bishop Sutton's letter regarding the Advent Offering (PDF).

Download a printable brochure (PDF).

Cuba Hurricane Relief

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma swept along the Northern coast of Cuba causing severe flooding and wind damage in many areas. Several REC clergy and lay church leaders opened their homes as local evacuation centers. The REC Church in Cuba is a source of help for both church members and the communities affected. Mission Teams, mainly from the REC and other ACNA parishes in Canada, have helped make this response possible.


Mission teams bring in medicines, which are distributed by prescription through a system established by doctors and other health workers in the Cuban Church, with the aid of local clergy.

Clean Water

Water filtration systems brought by mission teams provide clean water to places where it is not readily available. The local parish becomes a center of help for the community, which also helps in its evangelistic mission.

How to Contribute to the Advent Offering

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  • Offer your help to your Rector and Wardens to publicize the Advent Offering in YOUR parish. The mailing address for checks is as follows:

BFM Treasurer
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Equipping the Church for Growth


The Reformed Episcopal Church has had a Mission in Cuba for the last 15 years. It began thanks to the pioneering work of Bishop Charles Dorrington and his wife Claudia helping to plant the seed. Today, Bishop Willians Mendez oversees Cuba’s 46 parishes and mission churches. Here are some ways you can help equip the Cuban church for growth.

Diocesan Ministry Center in Florida, Cuba

This house will include Diocesan offices and a publishing center, classrooms and a dormitory for the training program, and will host the Santisima Trinidad (Holy Trinity) parish. The grounds are already used for united celebrations by four area parishes, and there is a small pig farm. $5,500 is needed to complete the purchase cost.

Material to Build an Extension in Venezuela, Cuba

San Lucas Church has an average Sunday attendance of almost 100 and is out-growing the home of the Rev Pablo Uiloa Caballero. $2,000 will provide material for an addition. Cuban Reformed Episcopalians will do the work.

Training Cuban Clergy

The Advent goal will help cover costs to send an REC professor and training materials for classes with clergy and analyze future training needs.

Berlin, Germany

In the heart of Europe, the Rev. David and Patricia Ayres are planting a Reformed Episcopal Church. Christ Church Anglican is an international parish that offers liturgical worship in English and German and a variety of hospitality ministries to introduce their neighbors to the love of Christ.

Now the most populated nation in the European Union, Germany once produced the great reformer Martin Luther. Yet 60% of its capital city’s population say that they have no religion. Berlin greatly needs the light of the Gospel.

In this year of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the Advent offering will assist Christ Church to establish a more visible presence in the city of Berlin and spread the Word of Christ.