The REC in Germany: The Meyers

meyerBishop Gerhard Meyer is the Bishop Ordinary of The Reformed Episcopal Church in Germany. He is actively involved in planting Reformed Episcopal parishes. At present there are nine parishes and mission works in Germany with more missions in the planning stage. Christ Church in Berlin is one of the newest missions, and was selected as one of the recipients of the REC Advent Offering in 2017.

KnüllBishop Meyer also oversees the theological education of candidates for ministry in the Richard Hooker Theological Seminary. In  addition, he assists his wife Grace in operating “The Knüll,” a Christian Camp ministry in Schwarzenborn. Over the years the Meyers have influenced the lives of many people for Christ, both in Germany and the United States. The Summer Mission Team they organize for “English Camp” provides opportunities for young people from our Church to work as staff members for English Camp.


Choir of the Anglican Mission of St. Thomas the Apostle, Neuss, Germany

More about English Camp

What do you get when you combine Christian young people from English-speaking countries with German youth who want to learn English? English Camp! The theme for 2017 was "Martin Luther," to honor the 500th anniversary of the Reformation,.and the dates were July 15-23, 2017. For more information, visit the English Camp website.

Videos of various classes and camp events are available on Bishop Meyer's YouTube page. Photos are available on Facebook.

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