News & Prayer Concerns: Trinity 2017 (PDF)

Meet and Greet our International Partners
at the REC General Council June 14-16 in Dallas Texas

REC Germany

Bishop Gerhard Meyer is the Bishop Ordinary of The Reformed Episcopal
Church in Germany. He oversees the church-planting ministry and the
seminary. He and his wife Grace direct “The Knüll,” a Christian Camp
ministry in Schwarzenborn. For more information, visit the following links:

After 20 years in REC parishes in Philadelphia, the Rev. David Ayres moved to Berlin, Germany. He and his wife Patricia are planting a bilingual Reformed Episcopal ministry in the German capital. For more information, visit the links below:

REC Croatia/Serbia

Bishop Jamin Milić is Suffragan Bishop for the ministry in Croatia, Serbia and the outreach into surrounding nations in Europe. He is also a church planter, rector of a parish, leads a seminary and has written two books on the Reformation. For more information, visit the link below:

REC Cuba

Bishop Willians Mendez shepherds 46 Reformed Episcopal parishes and house-church missions as Suffragan Bishop of the special mission district of the REC Convocation of Western Canada (Bishop Charles Dorrington). For more information about the REC work in Cuba, visit the link below:

Free Church of England

Pictured below are the Rt Rev John Fenwick (left), Bishop Primus and Bishop of the FCE Northern Diocese; The Rt. Rev. Paul Hunt (right), FCE Southern Diocese; The Rt Rev. Josep Rossello (center), Missionary Bishop of the FCE in Brazil (Igreja Anglicana Reformada). 2017 marks the 90th anniversary of the Union of the Free Church of England (dating from 1844) and the UK branch of the REC (founded in England in 1878). For more information about the FCE, visit the link below:

Anglican Global Mission Partners
Sub-Conference at the ACNA Provincial Assembly (June 27-30)

Each Assembly participant is cordially invited to attend the Anglican Global Mission Partners’ (AGMP) sub-conference to learn together how to grow your local church in depth and breadth through engaging in mission, beginning at your doorstep. Join us for any or all the following missionequipping workshops in Blanchard Room 324, unless otherwise noted. You are also invited to the Tuesday evening welcoming Ice Cream Social, 7-10 pm, in the exhibit hall located in the Beamer Center!  Session summaries are listed below, and a list of the speakers for each session is available in the PDF of this issue.

Wednesday, June 28, 2pm ~ Who Really is My Neighbor?

Hear stories that will inspire you to engage in mission beginning at your doorstep and extending out to the world. From engaging international students and those struggling with addiction and poverty in the U.S. to sending short-term and long-term missionaries to take the Gospel farther afield, these speakers will help you envision who your neighbors might be and how you can share the love of Jesus with them!

Wednesday, June 28, 4pm ~ Practical Steps toward Doing Mission on Our Doorstep

Start applying now what you are hearing by taking steps to cross cultures nearby, reach out to those from other religious, socio-economic and racial/ethnic backgrounds, involve young people, and minister to those dealing with life issues. You’ll hear about outreach ideas and practical ways to connect with those still far from Christ that will get you out of the pew and into your community!

 Thursday, June 29, 2pm ~ Ed Stetzer: “Gospel Multiplication & Roland Allen”

We encourage all of our sub-conference attendees to attend this Always Forward session with plenary speaker Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College. He will be drawing from the missiology of Roland Allen, a British Anglican missionary who served in China in the early 1900s. Allen became an early advocate of establishing churches which from the beginning would be self-supporting, self-propagating, and selfgoverning, adapted to local conditions and not merely imitations of Western Christianity. Ed Stetzer helps us to think “missionally!”

Thursday, June 29, 4pm ~ Growing Missional Parishes

Whether you are the only “mission-minded” person in your parish or your parish is on fire for missions, come and discover new resources that will help your church grow AND equip more people to go to the mission field, domestically and internationally. You’ll leave knowing how to take the next step towards a deeper missional DNA in your parish context.

The Reformed Episcopal Church is a member of the Anglican Global Mission Partners Network