News & Prayer Concerns: Lent 2018 (PDF)

Updates on Our Recent Offerings: Thank You!

The REC Board of Foreign Missions received over $170,000.00 in donations during 2017. Approximately half of this amount came in regular earmarked contributions supporting ongoing REC missionaries and mission projects. That regular giving maintains and builds valuable ministry. Every parish is encouraged to have one or more mission partnerships to which they regularly give and for which they regularly pray.

Another $20,000 in General Fund donations was used to provide extra support where it was most needed.

Finally, we had two special offerings: $31,595.38 was given in Lent. Those funds enabled the REC in Croatia to complete the Croatian Reformation Heritage Museum and make strategic outreach renovations to the property in Osijek, Croatia, that serves Good Shepherd Parish, Mihael Starin Seminary and the REC Headquarters for ministry in Croatia, Serbia and new outreaches beginning in Hungary, Bosnia and Slovenia. Renovations include an attractive outdoor chapel in the Parish courtyard, library facilities, and a snack area—which also serves to welcome passers-by for a cup of coffee and conversation with parish members or seminary students.

The Advent mission offering has brought in $33,017.20 so far. It is replacing two homes and repairing two others damaged in Cuba during Hurricane Irma. It has paid off the Ministry Center for the REC Mission District of Cuba. A case (16 copies) of the new REC Book of Common Praise will be delivered to Christ Mission Church in Berlin in February.

We thank our partners at SAMS Mission Society, who were going to Europe to meet with Fr. David Ayres and other missionaries, for kindly carrying the 2-lb hymnals in their suitcases! SAMS has asked our Fr David Ayres to preside the Eucharist service at their retreat in Prague. Further distributions from the Advent Offering to Cuba and to the REC mission church in Berlin are planned.

Partnership Visits

October 2017: Bishop Peter Manto, Canon Bill Jerdan, Fr. John and son Nathaniel Boonzaaijer represented the REC at a Mission Consultation Roundtable organized by the Diocese of Singapore and the Province of Southeast Asia. Canon Bill, Fr John and Nathaniel also visited the Anglican Mission Deanery of Indonesia. That included a confirmation service at which a Malaysian Anglican Bishop confirmed almost 40 new members of three local Indonesian Anglican parishes.

Canon Bill, Fr. John, and Nathaniel returned home by way of Croatia, attending the dedication of the Reformation Heritage Museum. Nathaniel Boonzaaijer had participated in one of the mission teams that worked on that project. We thank a vestry member of the Chapel of the Cross for making it possible for Nathaniel to travel with us.


Partnership Visits (continued)

January 2018: Fr Julius Barnes (SC), Fr Ben Bernier (TX) and Mrs. Claudia Dorrington participated in an REC/ANiC team visit to Cuba, attending the annual synod there, taking in medical kits, water filters and hurricane relief. Assessments were made for clergy training. View video report

March 2018: Bishop Al Gadsden (SC) and Canon Bill Jerdan will represent the REC at the annual meeting of Anglican Global Mission Partners near Charleston, SC. Bishop Gadsden has been asked to preach at the closing daily office.

Spring 2018: Bishop Chuck Gillin (BFM president, NEMA) and Fr Doug Mills (MO) will participate in Synods, teaching, Seminary Commencement, and visits to parishes in Croatia (4/27-5/2) and Germany (May 3-7).

Summer 2018: Anglican Bridge (July 13-22) in Germany: A new version of English Camp with Bishop Gerhard and Grace Meyer which adds short term mission service (July 23-31) with one of two teams going to Berlin with Fr Ayres or Neuss/Mönchengladbach with Frs Crofts and Jankowski. Added option to stay into August to serve on KneullCamp staff (kitchen or dormitory cleaning).

Read the Meyers' ministry summary of the year 2017

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